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A nation is only as strong as its people. Unfortunately, we’re facing ongoing challenges that compromise our prosperity day after day. Our story began when our founder began teaching yoga internationally, and was instantly exposed to the incredible work opportunities she was being given compared to the minimum wage most locals work such long hours for.


That’s when it hit her. Why was she being hired, and not a country’s locals? Simple. Most countries lack the training opportunities needed to prepare residents for jobs. Seeing as our founder couldn’t find a solution, she made one - and it goes by the name of Blessed are the Flexible.

We have a vision of providing high-quality training to women worldwide, giving them the ability to take control of their lives. Throughout Central and South America, minimum wage ranges from a mere 60-cents to $3.87 an hour - with a 48-hour work-week in most countries. Massage/personal training in these regions typically costs between $35 and $60, sometimes even more. That’s 15–60 times more income, in just 1 hour as opposed to 48.


Never underestimate the power of training, equipping women with not only new knowledge, but a renewed sense of purpose and the ability to take better care of themselves and their families. Our training opportunities have the potential to change lives; through the power of yoga, fitness and massage. No equipment. No overhead. No risky investments.

The money we raise is used to fund traveling to each country and the costs involved with offering such training; including meals, workbooks, manuals, and business cards to grow their brand. Each city faces its own dilemma, and by providing each community with the micro grants needed for struggling families to start their own businesses, we can make a lasting change where it matters most - unleashing the incredible potential of underprivileged women. 

In 2018, we ran a training in Granada, Nicaragua and San Jose, Costa Rica. In 2019, we were planning a training in Boston but had to put it on hold while Radha was dealing with serious health issues and are planning it for 2020. Because of Radha's health, we are also looking for instructors that would be interested in volunteering and helping with these missions. We could really use help through volunteers, corporate sponsorship, and donations to help make these trainings possible. Feel free to email us at if you have any way you would like to help.



Our seven day fitness course prepares the participants to both teach classes and do personal training. This course is usually hosted by gyms that want to become more successful or hotels that want to create a fitness program and need assistance with the staff and offerings.


All of our participants receive one-on-one coaching upon completion of the course. This will help them truly tailor their career towards their own life and community. We do not want to train the women and leave them to fend for themselves. We coach them every step of the way.


We offer a ten day Thai Yoga Massage training that will also teach participants how to instruct a stretching class. Thai Yoga Massage is the only massage done fully clothed on the floor without oils so no equipment is required. 


Although we will not be spending more than three months at a time in a community, we want to create as much lasting change as possible. We will be networking with the community to help as many people as we can. Not everyone is interested in a career in wellness and we will continually be striving to find ways we can help others in the community as well.


Our ten day yoga instructor training will be focusing on the physical practice. Participants will be well prepared to teach a 60-90 minute class in a variety of settings and offer assisted stretching and private yoga lessons.


We always look for ways that we can help multiple businesses flourish in every city we travel to. This could range from helping to train employees to acting as a consultant to help a struggling business become more successful. Each community we go to is always a surprise in how we can help.

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