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2018 was the official beginning to our nonprofit. We feel like we got off to a good start although it was slower than we hoped! We hosted our first fundraiser in January but our ventures to Nicaragua in February, and Costa Rica in November, were entirely self funded last year. We are hoping to gain more support in 2019 and are deeply excited to use what we have learned to help even more people.

Our nonprofit was formed through Radha's vision and is evolving over time as she finds ways to help more and more people. Our original idea was purely to run the vocational training to help women gain economic independence and truly build a fulfilling life despite trauma, tragedy, and poverty. While traveling to these third world countries, Radha also noticed the rough conditions many people with disabilities suffered through. It occurred to her that assisted stretching had helped many disabled clients she has worked with and it would be amazing if the locals she trained could also help the disabled. At that point our mission grew a bit further!

We started the Holistic Health Fund and Provider Network to help as many people afford the alternative and complementary therapies that they need. We are hoping to have a lot more practitioners in the database by the end of 2019. Although our original intention was to focus only on third world countries, we realize many people suffer from the same issues right here in the United States. Our system is very broken and although we can't change it, we sure are going to do our best to help in any way that we can. In 2020 we will be running a training right here in Massachusetts to help local women succeed despite their circumstances. We are currently planning 2020 to be a big year with the start of our retreat center and permanent location opening. We need a lot of help with fundraising and planning so if you have any interest in volunteering or know someone that may be interested in our project, please reach out.

We are truly inspired and hope we can inspire you a little too! If you have any questions or would like to contact us in an effort to help, we would love it!!