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Rediscover the life of your dreams and begin to thrive despite your chronic health condition. It's time to stop letting your health hold you back!

Have you been suffering with a chronic health problem and feeling defeated and discouraged? I know that feeling all too well! You have had to push your goals and life plan to the back burner and you are more focused on surviving than building a future. I want to help you transform from surviving to thriving!


Do you have a hard time making plans because your body doesn’t always cooperate? It can be so difficult to stay inspired and motivated when you’re not feeling your best. Some days eating three meals and showering can feel like quite an accomplishment! Have you had brief moments of inspiration only to be disappointed with pain and fatigue? At this point you have probably read several books on your condition (if you’re mind even has the ability to focus that long), you have researched online for hours and possibly days, you’ve tried a variety of supplements and natural remedies, but are still on a roller coaster of ups and downs. Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been struggling for months or years, this journey can be lonely, worrisome and discouraging.


You may be feeling lost and frustrated on what to do next. Perhaps you are wondering if you should give up on your goals and need to envision a new life of sickness and fatigue. Some days your bed may feel like your only safe haven but that is not the answer. What you truly desire is to enjoy your life to the fullest despite what may be happening in your physical body. You want to feel inspired and hopeful again!

I have had health issues for years and can clearly remember my ups and downs because I still have to deal with them! But I have also figured out how to live my best life. A couple years ago I was paralyzed and the prognosis was that I may be able to walk again in either weeks or years. I am someone that loves setting goals and making plans so this was quite a twist!! It’s pretty hard to make life plans when you don’t even know when you will be able to walk again. I felt completely isolated and alone. I had just moved to a new city two months before and had minimal support. It didn’t help that I do not feel comfortable asking for help so I didn’t reach out to the few local people I could. I am pretty introverted and was so fatigued that I didn’t even realize that I was completely unsupported until months later when I started to feel a little better. One of my most difficult challenges was learning that healing is not linear. I was trying to set daily goals to take more steps each day and was crushed to have huge setbacks for no apparent reason. I’m assuming you are familiar with that feeling of “doing everything right” and not getting the results you want. I used to listen to everything my doctors and physical therapists would say and now I tend to do whatever resonates with me. I am very grateful to be a free thinker and that I have so many certifications and knowledge in the wellness industry that I can apply what I have learned to my own health care regimen. I found in the worst of times I began to identify too much with being sick. It felt like it was becoming my identity and I was consumed by pain and fatigue. I am a serial optimist so these times don’t last long but I am still very familiar with them. Now, even though I have no idea what is going to happen in my body from one day to the next, I am still able to set goals, work on building a future, and have a well balanced life. Staying inspired despite my illness is what puts a twinkle in my eye and keeps me hopeful and growing on a daily basis.

That’s why I created Thriving through Illness. This program will help you gain clarity on what is possible despite your health issues. You will learn to design your life to be fulfilling and still honor your body and its limitations. I am so passionate about helping people thrive despite their illness! Through this mentorship program I am able to help you gain clarity and perspective of what is truly possible.



We will go over your health history, what medications you are on, and what alternative treatments and remedies you have tried to gain a better understanding of what your body is physically capable of and holistic options that may be available.


It is important to design your life carefully so you can find balance between allowing your body the rest it needs while still pursuing your goals and enjoying special moments to the max! We will create custom meditations, yoga, fitness, self care, and nutrition regimens tailored to your needs and goals.


Setting goals helps give you purpose on the hardest days. I will help guide you to create goals in multiple different areas of your life. We will be talking about physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relationship goals. These goals will help us with both lifestyle design and mentorship.


Our mentorship is very unique and completely based upon your goals. Having a background in both wellness and entrepreneurship, we can guide you on a wide range of subjects. Weekly coaching calls will help keep you accountable while feeling truly supported on your journey.


If you are like me, you don’t want to let your illness hold you back from having a full life but you need support and accountability to help you stay consistent. You don't have to give up on the life you imagined because of a health setback. Yes, you may need to pivot in a slightly different direction but that can be a blessing! This program will help you gain clarity on what you truly desire and help you heal on an entirely different level, it will help heal your spirit. Imagine if your life felt truly balanced! You are able to get the rest your body needs, have a supportive social network, develop more meaningful relationships with your loved ones, and are working towards and achieving your goals! ​Together we can create a plan to help you thrive despite your illness. I will show you how to create a well balanced lifestyle and you will discover that despite your illness, you truly are capable of anything you put your mind to.


I currently have space for two more clients. Since space is limited, I encourage you to apply today. Once I receive your application we will set up a complimentary call. On our call, we will discuss: your illness and current daily lifestyle, what is the future you dream of, what your goals are and what you are interested in, and what you feel is holding you back. ​If you are already feeling overwhelmed, you may be worried that this will become one more responsibility you can’t handle but our weekly call can be done right in the comfort of your bed! The work you do each day will flow with how you are feeling so you don't have to worry about having hard days or bumps in the road, we know these things happen. ​


I absolutely love helping others find a way to achieve their goals while honoring their body and limitations. It can be such a lonely journey and having compassionate support and accountability can be a complete game changer in your healing journey. I invite you to apply today! It’s time to make a positive change and I truly look forward to speaking with you.

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