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Our Educational Workshops

We are using El Salvador Retreat in Playa Cangrejera, El Salvador as a home-base for all of our operations and workshops. The yoga rancho provides us with the perfect setting and space to host these large gatherings for the community. You are probably already familiar with our Thai Yoga Massage vocational training program, but these are the quarterly educational workshops that we host.

There are four workshops that we are offering in 2023. Here is a little bit more about what each workshop is about and why we found it important for the community to learn about.


Bitcoin became the official currency in El Salvador on September 7, 2021. Unfortunately, most of the population here (98%) doesn't understand how it works and avoid using it altogether. They don't understand the benefits of using it and fear losing their money.

It is very common here for people to receive money from their family members that migrated to the USA and Canada. In December 2022, over 760 million dollars was sent to residents of El Salvador. Unfortunately, Western Union and MoneyGram charge fees for every transaction which means a lot of money just goes to waste. By using Bitcoin instead, people would no longer have to pay fees and could actually get more money yet transfer the same exact amount.

By providing this workshop, the locals will gain a better understanding of what Bitcoin is, how it works, how to set up their Chivo wallet, and how to transfer money when they want to get it out of the ATM or exchange it with family members.


When living in poverty or near poverty levels, it is really important to understand how not to get deeper in debt. Predatory loans are very common here and we have seen several people in our community fall prey to them when they have to buy a refrigerator or motorcycle. They end up paying double or more in interest rates and it really takes a toll on them with a high monthly bill.

This workshop helps them understand ways to save despite their circumstances and educates them so they don't get in over their head. There is unlimited time at the end of the workshops to ask questions and get personalized guidance.

We also have a website we are building for the community so each person/business can have their own page to help them get and find more work opportunities. The website is called Cangrejera Collectivo and is set to launch by July. We make sure they are listed on the website and provide networking opportunities and any guidance we can to help them build a more sustainable and prosperous business.


El Salvador is steeped in tradition and is still suffering from living in a state of war and violence for so long. In the rural areas the menu at every restaurant is identical. There is no variety or creativity in how they cook. I am still shocked that there is no banana bread in a country full of banana trees! This is why part of this workshop is learning and trying new recipes and cooking. They have access to such amazing local ingredients but lack the knowledge of how to use them in different ways.

When living in poverty, they have to pick and choose carefully what they are going to spend their money on and without any health education, they tend to choose the wrong foods. Most people don't see the value of spending money on vegetables and would rather buy a few pupusas and a bottle of Coca-Cola. This results in them eating adequate calories yet getting very little nutritional value. Ultimately they will end up with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease that can result in costly medication.

By teaching about both healthy nutrition and different cooking techniques, we are able to help them not only improve their health but also create new revenue streams. There are a wide variety of recipes that could help set them apart from the local competition or start a new food business.


One more way to help with the pollution and poverty issues here is by creating sustainable art. We have a plethora of natural materials from driftwood to seashells and a wide variety of trash that washes up each day. All of these materials can be used to create art projects that can be used for income.

This workshops teaches them how to make clay from sand, how to create mosaics and wall hangings, and how to make glue from yucca. We have plans to create an artist coop that would help get the art into stores in urban areas and places where tourists frequent.

As we start to run more workshops, we are hoping to begin recording them and uploading them to the community website, Cangrejera Collectivo. This way more people will have access to the education and training throughout the country.

As we start building eco-homes in the community, we will also be training the locals in green building techniques that includes solar power and rainwater systems. We are unsure if we could possibly provide a vocational training and jobs working in green building. The thought is on our mind but time will tell what is possible.

We try to be careful that we aren't forcing anything in our community. It is important to respect the culture and local ways yet give them tools that will educate and empower them.


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