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Whether people are in the midst of a severe health crisis or are permanently disabled, there are many alternative and holistic therapies that can greatly help improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately when you don't have a healthy body, you may not be able to work or have a solid income. This can greatly prevent people from even trying a complementary therapy. This is what motivated us to start this fund. We want everyone to feel their best and want to help provide highly discounted services and also a microgrant fund for those in desperate need.

This project has many components to it! We are currently working on compiling a network of practitioners that are interested in offering discounted sessions to those in need. We are applying for grants in hopes to get this program off the ground as soon as possible. This is definitely a project we can't afford to fund from our personal pockets! So we know it may take a little time before we are fully up and running on this but we are working on it every single day! Any donations are greatly appreciated and if you know any holistic health practitioners, send them our way!

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